All Roadworthy Safety Certificates
Are you trying to sell your car and in need of a quick roadworthy?

A roadworthy is legally needed when selling, transferring or re-registering in Queensland. The main point of it is to ensure all vehicles on the road are safe and meet minimum safety requirements. 

Hullys Automotive inspects all vehicles, in particular, we have experience with: 

  • Cars
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • 4WD'S
  • Motorbikes

Vehicle Log Book Servicing
Have you recently checked sticker in the upper right-hand side? 

Your car's manufacturer will specify the interval times and the kinds of car parts that will need to be serviced. This service could include anything from changing the engine oil, checking your cars steering and a battery test. 

At Hullys Automotive, we will describe and detail everything that your car manufacturer is specifying should be done to ensure no surprises and full transparency. 

Tune Up’s
Do you have an older car that needs some TLC?

Tune up's are for cars that are in dire need of extra attention and new parts. Your vehicle could potentially wear out the original spark plugs and cables. Hullys will ensure your car is safe and ready to be on the road. 

Modern cars are now built to last and will avoid the need for a complete overhaul. So, if you purchased your vehicle semi-recently, these changes are already detailed in your Log Book Servicing. 

Brake and Clutch repairs
Do you remember the last time your mechanic (or us) repaired your brakes and clutch?

Brakes are one of the most crucial parts of your safety. The average brakes can last anywhere between 25,000 and 75,000 kilometres but, will vary for every person. If you're noticing weird noises or vibrations, your brakes could be worn out, misadjusted or have low brake fluid levels. 

When your clutch systems are worn out, your car could have low fuel economy when compared to when you first purchased it. Most clutches are designed to last just over 96,000. Depending on how smooth your clutch transition is, how you use it and if you ride the clutch, will dictate how long your it will last for before it needs to be replaced. If you're noticing strange noises or smells, your clutch could be slipping, sticking or simply need replacing. 

Do you plan on testing your car on multiple terrains? Consider improving your suspensions first. 

Suspensions are an essential upgrade for people with specific jobs and hobbies. Before upgrading your suspension, consider the weight you expect to load, the terrain you want your car to be able to handle and your preferred riding style. But, we will discuss everything before making any changes to avoid any unnecessary charges. 

Tyre’s and Wheel Alignment’s
Tyre and Wheel alignments help with minimising shakes and give you full control of your vehicle. 

Hully's Automotive has recently gone back to their roots with Wyres for Tyres. Jim (owner of Hully's Automotive) and his Grandfather established Wyres for Tyres in the early 80s.

Since reclaiming Wyers for Tyres, Hullys now offer tyre alignments. We use Eagle SMF, Australia's leading supplier and installer of high-quality wheel alignment, balancing and tyre equipment. These apparatus' are used to record measurements of your steering and suspension angles to indicate whether they are both perfectly perpendicular and parallel, and we then fix accordingly.

Either every 10,000km or in six-month intervals, which everyone comes first, this service should be conducted to keep your car's shakes at a minimum. 

Air Conditioning
Stay calm and keep cool.

When your car's air conditioning is in good nick, it will not only keep your car cool but also relieve your engine of any extra work. Some things to look out for are leaks, loss of power, seems labour intensive for the car or even stopped working. Bring your vehicle to Hullys for a repair to restore it to its former glory. 

HVRAS Approved
For peace of mind, we have all the correct credentials to look at all heavy vehicles. 

Our HVRAS accreditation means if your:

  • Car is more than 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM),
  • Trailer weighs more than 750kg aggregate trailer mass (ATM)​,

Hullys is legally able to inspect and measure your vehicle.